Thursday, June 15, 2017


So yes, SUCCESS for me was a good paycheck earned and had to come with other benefits. Lots of them please!

You know, so you're this woman who has 'everything,' you pay the bills, buy not just needs but also wants, you get to travel, you treat your kids to a lot of eating out and you feel you got it all under your hands. Oh yes and you have this pretty amazing husband who supports your dreams all the way. Yes, you have everything. That's exactly how I felt. The years went by. 10 actually.

I could have anything I wanted by slowly losing everything I was. The shaking took a while. A few years. I could not seem to pin point where the storms kept coming from. Why the boat always seemed to sail on rough waters. But I tried my best to hold it all together. keep the mast up. It did not take long before I knew I had completely lost myself.  I loved my job but I no longer loved what it was doing to me because it was not making me a better person anymore.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Home Stretch (Part 1)

In exactly 4 days, I walk out of corporate life. It's been 13 years since my foot first stepped on the shiny floors of a building whose signage I read as "SUCCESS." I was a fresh graduate, married with toddler and believed in my heart the future of my son was on my shoulders. I was fortunate to have been hired just 2 months after I got my diploma.

So there I was, marveling at my new world. I was very eager to learn and was determined to impress. Like an athlete on Red Bull, I grabbed every work assignment as if it were a half time crunch. I wanted to make all the shots, I wanted so much to be recognized and there was no stopping me. Work. It is addictive. Once you get the ball rolling and you see you can call the shots there's no stopping you. Twice a month I would take home my pay with pride. I would be so happy being able to buy the milk and diapers of my son. On occasion, I would treat him to a toy.

Because more is always better, I think I was never content. Once your work gets recognized, you develop this belief in yourself. You sort of come to 'know' your value and believe in everything you do. So I believed I deserved better. Yes. I deserved a higher pay for all my abilities and skills and talents. When a door of opportunity knocked on my door, I immediately opened it. It was a job offer for a higher position and paid even higher. So I said goodbye to my very 1st job of 3 1/2 years and said hello to this new oppotunity.

Still Breathing, Yes.

I know, I want to wring my neck too. Where have I been?! Busy bee'in I'd say. So I ventured into freelance work and I tell you, ...