Thursday, June 15, 2017


So yes, SUCCESS for me was a good paycheck earned and had to come with other benefits. Lots of them please!

You know, so you're this woman who has 'everything,' you pay the bills, buy not just needs but also wants, you get to travel, you treat your kids to a lot of eating out and you feel you got it all under your hands. Oh yes and you have this pretty amazing husband who supports your dreams all the way. Yes, you have everything. That's exactly how I felt. The years went by. 10 actually.

I could have anything I wanted by slowly losing everything I was. The shaking took a while. A few years. I could not seem to pin point where the storms kept coming from. Why the boat always seemed to sail on rough waters. But I tried my best to hold it all together. keep the mast up. It did not take long before I knew I had completely lost myself.  I loved my job but I no longer loved what it was doing to me because it was not making me a better person anymore.

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