Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Goodbye On That Day

On that day when it was time to go, I did not feel much. Surprisingly. But maybe it was also because I was looking forward to our month long family trip to the US. I got up that day and went about my normal routine. On that day I felt flat. There were no extreme emotions -- which I initially thought would flood me on my last day at work.

13 straight years in the corporate world. May have been a short stint for those who have been in the system since like forever but I felt that 13 years gave me significant experience. All those life lessons disguised in management directives, company prerogatives -- you only get to understand once you are out of the system. Just like in any other circumstance I suppose, it is on those occasions of "on hindsight" that you realize the lessons picked up through those experiences. It's funny how, in the busyness of life you tend to forget the value of each experience you go through. On hindsight, it's not even funny, it's actually sad. And true enough, these end of the chapter moments allow us to pause and look back so that we appreciate what those years gone by were all about.

5 weeks post 'goodbye,' I am still trying to figure all this out. Now that I am back to reality, I need to figure out my new reality. Honestly, I am still at that point where I do not miss the 9-5 job. I am still enjoying the lax schedule. The past week I kept myself busy with errands and to do's that I never had the time to do in the past -- renewing my drivers license, applying for my social security ID. This week I plan to clean the house, declutter and be a bit more "quiet."

There's still no toasting to anything as I dislike uncertainty. To date I still have to answer to the question, "What's next?" However, because of faith I know Jeremiah 29:11.

Blessed Monday, everyone!

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