Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Doable Things Yet May Seem Impossible

On a climb up to The Highest Point along Halsema Highway. My legs did not want to budge anymore. But I still had 45kms to go

Even on the most difficult days when all you can think of are everything but anything positive, there are still reasons to think otherwise. Difficult to do yes. But doable. Again, it is possible. I think.

Nowadays the pressures of life can be too much. There are many troubles a day can offer. Where have those days of simplicity gone? Long forgotten perhaps with the change of tides. The reality of it is this world has turned into a ball of mess and war. Where is the love?

Our country currently sits in a situation deemed rather hopeless leaving the people helpless and yes, hopeless. You wonder where the leader of the nation is. You think the leader of the nation knows nothing more than a pail full of gibberish words. And yes, I qualify that as a fact.

How can people want to bring more souls into this kind of world? Again, we have a choice to make the deemed impossible still possible.

It is doable.

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