Thursday, May 11, 2017

Of Those Things You Realize

Times have indeed changed. As I previously mentioned a while back, I resorted to blogging a few years ago. It was at that time the best outlet I could find as I struggled to cope with my circumstances back then. At that time, smart phones were no where near in sight. The internet was starting to gain popularity in developing nations where it was becoming more and more accessible to everyone. And blogs were an in thing.
I blogged actively for 3 years. Along the way I met so many virtual friends. Some I must admit I felt I developed a very personal connection with. I would get so attached to their daily musings thinking I really knew them personally. I'd say it was a great experience. However, somewhere in between blogging and the ever changing times, my blogging activities slowly diminished. Time and effort were poured elsewhere. Together with that social media sites were born. Suddenly one liner's were enough to 'express' a persons feelings, opinions or sentiments. Add a picture and voila! No more need to sit down, search the heart and then put all that into writing.
So yes, I became that.
But it dawned upon me. A few days ago. I told myself, I gotta be true to myself. Writing is to me, life. And I gotta start living again.

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