Saturday, May 20, 2017

For the Love Of It

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to share our passion and interest in triathlon to a group of home schoolers in Baguio. There were a total of 29 children who joined the activity. It was a 2 day intro to triathlon camp where almost all if not all children had no idea what triathlon was all about. My husband prepared a 2 day schedule full of activities for the kids and in between we included short talks and simple lectures about the sport, proper nutrition and support the parents were to give their children especially if they decided to seriously pursue the sport. It was an interesting mix of children and parents and I must say the interaction of all participants was just plain awesome. Some of the children were hesitant about the activity mainly because they saw themselves as 'not the sporty type' while the others were just down right excited to expend their physical energy.
We tried our best to keep things simple and keep the children busy with the activities and boy did I experience the unending energy of the kids! I found myself getting even more tired than when I would actually do my workouts! Haha! I think one of the more amazing things that happened during those 2 days was being able to help kids discover things they never thought they would even like or have any interest in. One little girl rode a two wheel bike for the first time. Initially she could not balance. But come lunch time when everyone was eating and taking a break, she chose to practice and practice and before anyone knew it, she was pedalling on 2 wheels! It was a really good experience for us to witness how children can be so determined and focused.
Overall, I'd say the weekend was a good one.

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